Hello, and thank you for visiting my website!

I am a freelance content writer, a contemporary women’s fiction writer, a passionate reader, an attorney at law gone rogue, a psychology enthusiast, an extroverted introvert (or is it the other way around?), and the human condition explorer.

I write blog posts, website content, and novels.

Writing has been one of the constants of my life ever since I can remember. Whether it was the elementary school essays, my diaries all through high school or my first novel, written in 7th grade (won’t be querying that any time soon), I have always depended on written words to make sense of the world around me.

After working as a trial attorney for over ten years, I recently decided to make a career change and devote my time and energy to the one thing I really feel passionate about — writing.

Since then, I wrote several articles on Medium. A couple of my articles (Are You a Good Person or Just Insecure, and Adjust Your Focus for a Better Life) have been featured on Medium’s landing page as an Editor’s pick. I was then declared Top Writer in fields of Psychology, Self-Awareness, Personal Development, and Self Improvement.

Afterwards, I felt the need to pour all those articles into a novel, as I was sure many people find the instructiveness of self-help literature repelling.

And so, The Plant Whisperer came into existence in the form of a contemporary, upmarket women’s fiction novel.

The Plant Whisperer explores the intricacies of a ‘quarter-life crisis’—an issue that has become widespread among the Millennial generation, as well as those who are about to enter into middle age—who are beginning to question the merits of leading a materialistic life that’s more about appearances than personal fulfillment.

It is a multi-faceted story about a woman in her thirties who realizes that following society’s best practices isn’t working that well for her; she detests her well-paid, corporate job, all she owns is debt-based, and growing up alongside a narcissistic mother has made her too insecure to seek closeness even from her husband. But, can this deeply insecure woman find the courage and the confidence to defy the social norms, redefine her values…and her life?

When I’m not busy querying The Plant Whisperer or working on my second novel, I write content for various clients’ websites and contribute content for a blog on writing on CritiqueMatch platform.