I’m the proud owner and co-creator of Fables and Fairy Tales iOS and iPad App that features audio picture books in English language.

With beautiful illustrations and carefully designed texts, the App offers quality content for children, available on your iPhone and iPad.

The app is available on App Store.

App features:
— beautifully illustrated audio picture books
— carefully written texts
— availability even in offline mode
— fairy tales always on the go with you
— a variety of stories

Benefits of early reading:
— improves children’s language skills
— has positive effects on children’s cognitive skills (i.e. literacy, numeracy, and cognition)
— ignites children’s imagination and creativity
— supports cognitive development
— increases chances of academic success later on

Numerous studies and researches have proved there are numerous benefits of reading to children from their earliest years.

According to a research conducted via partnership arrangement between the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research, the frequency of reading to children has a direct causal effect on their academic success.

A 1985 study by the National Commission on Reading has shown that “. . . reading aloud to children is the single most important intervention for developing their literacy skills.”

In today’s hectic schedule, parents often lack the time and the energy to read to their children. Though an app certainly can’t replace a parent-child bond that forms through the reading process, Fables and Fairy Tales App can at least provide a quality pass-time for a child when their parents are otherwise occupied.

Available on App Store!