You’ve written a book and you know it’s not as good as it can be? Then again, you have no idea what to do about it?

You’re unsure about your plotting, pacing, POV, characters having arcs & character agency? You’re worried you’re info-dumping too much? You’re apprehensive about telling, instead of showing? Starting too early into the story, or maybe too late?

Maybe you just need a fresh pair of eyes on your manuscript.

I can help with that!

I’m currently finishing my training with Author Accelerator to obtain my book coaching certification.

On top of that, I’ve attended countless other courses, programs, webinars, and read dozens of books on writing craft.

As a former attorney, I’m trained to see the whole picture while also keeping track of all the smaller parts moving. Seeking elements of a story in both the seed of an idea (outlining phase), or a finished draft is both a passion of mine and my strongest suit.

My understanding of story is closely related to Lisa Cron’s definition of story, and I use many tools by both Lisa Cron and Author Accelerator to help writers marry the external tier of the story (the plot) to the internal tier (the character arc).

Among other courses, I’ve also finished Curtis & Brown Creative Edit and Pitch your Novel Course. As a writer myself, I have gone through the process of developmental edits and copy-edits with my own manuscript. I have critiqued, beta read, and helped developmentally edit dozens of novels.

I am also an active member of CritiqueMatch platform, where I regularly critique other members’ chapters.

Here is what some of my clients said about my feedback:

  • After reading Lidija’s comments on my pages my first impression was super positive. She pointed out what worked along with actionable suggestions for improvement. On my second read through, I found more golden advice, but it was only when implementing that I discovered the full value. This went way beyond surface prettying of words, Lidija’s directions on reassessing motives and laying scaffolding reinforced the underlying theme. It was magical seeing my words reflect the deeper meaning.
  • Spot on observations as always! Thank you for pointing out where I needed to explain the finance lingo and your recommendation on how to balance my MC’s reaction to the man. You’re the best!
  • The critique was spot on! She addressed all my areas of concern and caught many pacing and telling issues that I completely missed. She is thorough, constructive and always encouraging!
  • Awesome, helpful feedback. She wasn’t afraid to let me know what was confusing or what she just didn’t love, and I appreciate that! I’ll definitely be using this feedback and incorporating it. 🙂

First and foremost, let me tell you that I believe in the mighty power of positive feedback. That doesn’t mean I won’t honestly and thoroughly dissect your weak spots and help you work on them. However, I think we are all a little too negativity-oriented, and unaware of the great benefits positive feedback can have on a writer.

Being pointed out to what you do well as a writer will not only help you develop your voice and play into your strengths, it will also build your writer’s confidence, which is probably the very thing most of us lack the most.

Book Coaching Services:

Photo by Fabiola Peñalba on Unsplash

Book coaching is a mix between editing and a critique partnership. It consists of three main things:

  • Accountability
  • Editing
  • Problem solving

I coach writers in all stages of their writing— from the first kernel of an idea, when I help them outline the book and hone the story, to writing the first draft, or revising an existing one.

Please contact me to learn more or get a quote!

Developmental Editing Services:

I will read the entire manuscript and leave in-line comments wherever I think improvements are needed. I will address the inconsistencies, repetitiveness, problems with dialogue tags, telling vs. showing, character arcs, character agencies, pace, and any other issues I might find. I will offer explanations on why I think something needs more work.

My comments are not only informative, they are also actionable suggestions. In other words, I will not only be telling you what needs work but also how to go about it.

Fees for developmental edit vary, depending on the word count and the shape your manuscript is in (whether it is your first draft or if you’d already done various rounds of edits). Please contact me to learn more or get a quote!

Genres I work with:

I am a firm believer in working with what I know, so I only work with manuscripts in those genres I write and/or read extensively in.

  • Women’s fiction
  • Young Adult
  • Romance
  • Sci-fi (though on a very limited basisthink Martian and The Age of Miracles)
  • Historical fiction (on a very limited basis— think Memoirs of a Geisha and Calling me Home)

See my Book Reviews page to get a sense of my preferences. If you’re unsure whether I’d be a good fit for your MS, feel free to contact me!

If you’d like me to do a free one-chapter evaluation or schedule a free consultation call, please drop me a line! I’d love to hear from you!